Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When PIGS fly . . . no, seriously

15 July 2012

I absolutely MUST find something better than Craig's list to entertain my hubby when I shop.  We spent a day in Houston back in March, and I did some much needed clothes shopping, since I now have to actually appear PRESENTABLE a couple of days a week when I go into the office.   Now, Steve would rather take a beating than hang out in a fat lady clothing store while I shop, so he stayed in the car, and entertained himself by trolling though Craig's list.  I came out a little while later to find him with a whole new enthusiasm . . . for micro pigs of all things.  (Really?  Pigs???)

Now, we have discussed several times lately about whether we'll be getting another dog when Molly and/or Brodie go to doggie heaven.  We love them, but they are both elderly dogs (Molly is 15, and Brodie 10), and each has some health problems (their monthly meds are more than Steve's and mine COMBINED - and I'm counting OTC Aleve and Tyelenol into that total, lol).  Somehow, though, I never thought PIGS were on the agenda . . . though I had to admit, they looked pretty cute.  And supposedly didn't get to be more than 30 pounds.   Really, though, I had something more like an English Bulldog in mind!

Now, this is the man who not only allows, but supports my fixation with breeding Birmans, so I have a hard time telling him 'no' when he wants a pet of his own.  So he called the breeder, and we discussed obtaining a 'micro piggie' of our very own.  Somehow, cooler heads prevailed, and we managed to get home without one . . . a minor miracle!

So, like a woman forgetting the pain of childbirth, and having another baby, we went to San Antonio a few weeks ago, and I again left Steve in the car, while I shopped around Hobby Lobby, trying to match some fabric for a quilt I was making.  I came back out to the car to find him all excited.  "Babe, you'll never guess who called me!!  Thank micro pig breeder from Houston!  She's got a piggie in Victoria that needs to be rescued!!!"  " I told her we'd go look at him!!!"

GULP . . . "you did, huh?"

So, there we were, 2.5 hours later, at 10pm on a Friday night, in this decaying trailer on the 'poor side' of town, looking at this little pig in a rusty old dog crate.  He was crammed in there with his litter box, food, and an old towel to sleep on.  They woke him up for us to look at . . . and let's just say he seemed somewhat less than trilled to meet us.

The owner let him out to see us.  'Dexter' wasn't what I'd call overjoyed.  

Me, trying to gently discourage this:  "He doesn't seem very friendly.  You don't want him, right, honey"?

"Oh, no, we HAVE to take him."  What the hell, I don't have good sense, either.  And Steve was right, after seeing how he lived (and I don't think he hardly ever got out of the crate) it would have been hard to live with ourselves if we just left him there.  I love my hubby for lots of reasons, but the fact that he's kind to animals is one of the biggest. 

Oh, my.  Looks like we've got ourselves a pig.

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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