Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh My God . . . that kitten has BALLS . . .

Have you ever been really, really, REALLY afraid you were going to eff something up? So you compulsively check it?  And then lo and behold, even though you check, you still manage to screw yourself to the Nth degree.

Ever happen to you?  Happened to me.  Sigh.

So . . . yesterday morning I got up bright and freaking early (SO not my favorite time of day) and headed out to Houston (2.5 hours away) to ship little Hero to his new family in Washington, D.C.  I put his favorite blankie that smells like home in the carrier with him and headed out.  I wasn't nervous at all about whether I'd picked up the right kitten, because I CHECKED to make sure he had the right equipment before we left.  Hero and Honey (his sister) are just as alike as two little peas in a pod, so I wanted to make SURE.  (Last month, when I shipped Tank to Florida, I actually pulled over on the side of the road about 30 miles from home, to make absolutely freaking sure I had the right kitten, lol).

Apparently, I should have done that again yesterday morning . . .

So, all went well, and I got to the Continental QuickPak office at IAH in Houston, and shipped little 'Hero' off with out a problem.  We piddled around Houston for the day, and got home around 6pm.   I immediately called Hero's new family to make sure he'd arrived safely.  He had, and they loved him already.  Score!

So I fixed dinner and sat down on the floor to play with the babies for a while.  I was tossing a little ball across the floor, when the remaining seal point kitten 'Honey' dashed across the room to get it.  With 'her' tail in the air . . . and OMG, that kitten has BALLS!!!!   Fuck me . . . I'd sent the girl to Washington, and Hero was still here.    I guess I must have not immediately grabbed Hero, and instead got Honey.

Thank God, the folks in Washington are such nice people.  Boy, that was a phone call I didn't want to make!  But they were terrific, and will be shipping Honey back here on Friday, and I'll be taking Hero to Houston that same day to send to them.  I just hate that Honey has to be shipped again . . . and it amounts to about a $700 mistake on my part, so that's a big 'Ouch', since I have to pay to ship him to D.C., and Honey back here or to Florida.  Sigh . . . What a 'stupid-head' thing to do . . .

I think I'll now be HOLDING the boy-bits until I get them in the carrier from now on.