Monday, March 18, 2013

My Goat Has Been Gotten . . . Reflections on what I think of our current political farce, and other topics

I 'shared' the above photo on FaceBook today, and promptly got a response of "We could go a bit further and say give it back to the Native Americans. It was their country to begin with, not ours."

I'm calling Bullshit here.  This country belongs to those who built it, and to those who continue to build, support, love, RESPECT and fight for and bleed for it.   I have no problem with supporting the education of LEGAL aliens and immigrants. I do have issues with any smart ass who thinks that those who are in this country illegally, living off the honest sweat, tears and BLOOD of others, are more deserving than the folks who are willing to lay down their lives to protect America and her people.

We have turned into a country of people who cannot see the forrest for the trees, espousing this cause or that, simply to hear ourselves rant.  It's more about what's 'cool' to say or stand for, than it is the reality of our situation.  And, I'm pretty sure that if you're the guy standing on metal sticks, you have a pretty good grasp of today's realities.  

If you're willing to put your money where your mouth is, get your ass to that recruiting station and be willing to stand up for it with more than your poison pen and words.  That guy you're dissing with your comments was willing to put his money (and his LIFE) where his mouth was . . .  and your simplistic naivete' is insulting to him and everyone man and woman defending our country today, and their families!!!  That guy literally shed his blood so you have the right to your views.  How about you man up a little, huh?

It's no secret, I am not a supporter of our current administration.  Nor am I in favor of our current society's apparent need to race willy-nilly toward total chaos and calamity.   Why is the guy who's not working (although he is capable of doing so) more exempt from drug testing, than the one who's breaking his back daily for a minimum wage job?  Why is it OK to insult the military, and not a 'liberal'?  Why if I don't agree with our Idiot-In-Chief, am I automatically a 'racist'?  I don't care if you're black, white, brown, yellow, or pink with purple polka-dots.  I don't care if you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindi, Buddhist, Wiccan, or some other religion I don't know anything about. I don't care if you're straight, gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, or reproduce via a test tube.  I don't care what political party you belong to (both the major ones are full of idiots in my opinion) or if you'll be an independent to your dying day.  I don't care if you've got a 3rd grade education (although, I think that's a shame and a waste of a lot of potential), or are stacking doctorates on your wall.   I do care if your politics and policies are about to drive our country into the ground, or if you think you particular religion or political leanings make you think it's OK to hurt or murder people who differ from you.

It's time to wake the hell up and stand up and be counted!  I don't care for political labels, and God knows I don't want to affiliate myself with the idiots who are claiming the rape is OK, or who deny good people basic rights like marriage because of their sexual orientation.  But, really, can't we just agree that common sense should rule the day at this point?

And by common sense, I mean:

Stop sending money OUT of our country, until we're paying our own bills, and feeding our own hungry.

Don't support any country and/or regime that has no respect for America.

Educate, and support education for all American citizens, BEFORE extending this benefit to others. 

Support equal rights for all, including marriage benefits for same-sex couples.

Respect all religions, but not at the expense of the (Christian) values this county was founded on.

Support and respect our Military and their families, including paying them a living wage, and maintaining their health and education benefits. 

Respect our constitutional right to own and bear arms . . . or be willing to feel the boot of tyranny on your neck.

Now, at 50+ years old, I could give a rat's hairy ass what anyone thinks of me or my opinions, but I sure do give a damn about how people respect America. 

Stand up and be counted, or knuckle under to the erosion of your country . . . the choice is yours, America!  I know where I stand.

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