Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Evie Miracle

20 April 2010

This post is a little different from most for me, but I felt moved to write it, so here goes:

Several weeks ago, I had a semi-philosophical discussion with a friend regarding regional mind-sets (I live in the South, she's a 'Yankee'), religion, and how we view the concept of miracles in general, and it's been in the back of my mind ever since.

Today, I had a middling crappy day.  It was my day to volunteer answering phones out at the shelter, and every idiot in town seemed to call, wanting to bring in kittens/cats/dogs for whom they abdicated all responsibility, which frustrates me no living end.  But that's another story . . . the point is I got home about 5:30 with an attitude,  and in a semi-crummy mood.  I had a headache (the getting up every couple of hours the last few weeks, first for feeding kittens, and now for checking on Eclaire, who's due any day,  has taken it's toll), and was feeling tired and generally grumpy.  So I got undressed and lay across the bed to pet Evie.

And that's when it occurred to me . . . what reason did I have to feel crummy, with my own little miracle curled up next to me, purring up a storm? 

Some of you may remember one Saturday last March, when I was at the Vinton, LA show, that I got a call from my husband that five of our cats had gotten out through a door that was ajar . . . and my special baby Evie was one of them.  I made the 4+ hour drive home in just over 3 hours, frantic to find my baby girl.  I got home to find my hubby and wonderful friends Charlotte & Jaimye, and even my brother-in-law Mike, and neice Diedre had searched and found all of the cats but Evie.  I was beside myself.  Evie is my 'princess kitty', had just been bred, and I couldn't imagine her fending for herself out in the big bad world.

We looked ceaselessly for the next several days, driving around for miles searching, putting up posters, knocking doors, and even contracting with a company that calls people in your area to alert them to a missing pet.  No results.  I was absolutely heartbroken, and by Wednesday, feeling like I had to face the horrible realization that I would not get my baby girl back.   I prayed SO hard for her to come home to me.  Mostly, I just wanted her to be safe, even if it was with someone else.

That Wednesday night, Steve and I decided to make another circuit of our neighborhood, using his night vision goggles, to see if we could see her out and about.  Our theory was that she'd be scared, having never been outside, and the quiet of evening/night was when she was most likely to be active.  This was the 5th night we'd done so, and in my heart, I really believed it was futile.   We'd driven around for a half hour or so, and it was nearly 11pm.  Knowing Steve had to be up really early the next morning for work, I was just about to turn in the driveway, when Steve said "Well, since we're out, don't you want to go on around the other side of the neighborhood?".  

Feeling foolish, and hopeless, I agreed.  What the hell.  What could it hurt.  So I backed back out of the drive and headed towards the other side of our subdivision.  Right at the STOP sign, back around and left onto the next street over.  And suddenly, there she was, standing behind a black truck at the end of someone's drive, just one street over from our house.  Steve jumped out and grabbed her.  I had my baby girl back.  I cried so happily.  I've seldom been as grateful for anything as I was then. 

And what were the odds, really?  That we'd turn down that particular street, at that exact time?  That she'd choose that same time to be out and about?  That there wouldn't be a scratch or mark on her? 

We went to our vet the next day, and she was perfect.  Better, even, as he scanned her belly and found three little fetal heartbeats.

So, here she is, my miracle princess kitty.  She went on to have a healthy litter of kittens, and is now spayed and living happily, knowing she's my special girl. 

So this is my point - I think miracles are around us every day - we just have to open our eyes and see them.  I think that sometimes we get so wrapped up in the minutia of life, that we miss the little miracles, and don't appreciate the gifts He gives us every day.    I see God in every little kitten paw, reaching up to hold the bottle as I supplement them, and in the flowers, and in the beauty of life.  I have my ongoing miracle, that my husband loves me, inspite of myself.

So, I think we just need to open our eyes and recognize all these common little things for what they are:  Everyday miracles.

I don't think it really matters what you call Him - Surely God is great enough to be many things to many people, by many different names.  He's there, and He shows us everyday.  We just have to be willing to see . . .


  1. I so totally agree with you. There is not enough room to tell you of all the instances just that I know of, much less those I don't. Thanks for the uplifting reminder. Jan

  2. Beautiful insight to God's loving arms wrapped around us! I agree Leslie...God's little blessings and miracles are all around us and we just need to open our eyes and see them.

    At this time in my life, despite being in very unsure and difficult times, God continues to bless me to overflowing. My home is filled with loving warm furry bodies who follow me around and curl up when I sit down. Phone calls from friends who just wanted to say Hi and chat. My girlfriends who flew in (3 of them) to have a "Girls Weekend" and love and support me as I go through difficulties. My daughter and my son-in-law flying in to suddenly surprise me for my 50th birthday (with my precious little grandson) and planning a big 50th birthday party with other friends flying or driving into town to be there for me. The love that surrounds me is beyond measure...and God's provision and love each day is beyond any expectations I could have. To top it all off are my furry kids that give me love each day. We are blessed if we stop long enough to see! Hugs Leslie for sharing your beautiful story of Evie being returned home to you.

  3. Brought tears to my eyes, Leslie. Thank you. Loved it.